• Customised flow

    EHEIM streamcontrol – the control system for circulation and flow pumps to simulate natural water flows in the aquarium.

With the EHEIM streamcontrol you can control several individual pumps with two programs

Most aquarium inhabitants need changing (fluctuating) water currents, such as in rivers or coral reefs, depending on their origin. With the appropriate circulation and / or flow pumps you can achieve constant movement - but how do you generate a varied flow?
EHEIM streamcontrol offers the ideal solution. Simply plug the pump's mains plugs into the supplied double connector strip, switch on the device and then set the flow intervals. Two programs are available: a) alternating pump frequency and b) synchronous pump frequency. You simply determine the time intervals with two dials.
Before feeding, simply use the pause button (Food) to interrupt the flow and the pumps will switch off for 10 minutes. After feeding, the set program continues automatically or simply press the (Food) button again

Advantages of the EHEIM streamcontrol flow simulator

•    Controller for aquarium pumps
•    Suitable for circulation and flow pumps
•    Dual connector strip (supplied)
•    Connection for two (or more) pumps
•    Load per socket max. 100 W
•    Two different programs:
      a) alternating flow  this means the pumps are switched on and off alternately or
      b) synchronous flow – meaning both pumps are switched on and off simultaneously.
•    Individually adjustable time intervals from 1 to 60 minutes
•    Program runs permanently - for an unlimited period of time
•    Break button for feeding (food button)
•    Suitable for fresh and marine water
•    Highest safety and reliability - 3 years warranty


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