• Light as in nature

    EHEIM LEDcontrol – designed to control the different lighting options required to simulate nature’s colours and moods. Especially developed for the EHEIM powerLED+ series.


Using the EHEIM LEDcontrol, you can control the lighting in the aquarium to create the ideal light to benefit both fish and plants.

Our LED controller is specially designed for use with the EHEIM powerLED+ light units and can be used to simulate the natural light found in nature. With the ‘fresh plant’ and ‘marine hybrid’ lights, different light options (dawn, dusk, etc.) can be individually adapted.

The controller is quick to connect due to the pre-installed connectors.  The included software (USB card*) can be programmed via your PC and you can either enter your individual lighting preferences or simply select one of the pre-installed programs. As soon as the current time is synchronized with your PC, you can start.

*If you lose the USB card, you can download the content from the EHEIM website for free.

Advantages of the EHEIM LEDcontrol

  • Control of the aquarium lighting – only in conjunction with EHEIM powerLED+ light units
  • Simulation of the light variations and ambiance found in nature
  • Ideal for ‘fresh plants’ or ‘marine hybrid’ lights as you can adapt the brightness as well as the colours, individually
  • For ‘fresh daylight’ or ‘marine actinic’ lights, you can only vary the brightness
  • Pre-installed connectors for EHEIM powerLED+ lamps
  • Including accessories: USB card with software, operating manual and pre-programmed lighting scenarios for fresh and marine water
  • Possibility to use preset lighting modes
  • Individual light options can be programmed
  • Quick start with pre-programmed lighting modes
  • Fast forward mode to check the selected settings
  • Switch between Summer and Winter GMT simply by synchronizing with the PC (brightness and colour variations remain unchanged)
  • Maximum safety and reliability - 3 years warranty

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