• EHEIM CO2 Accessories

    EHEIM CO2 accessories for healthy plant growth in the aquarium.

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The CO2 gas is atomized into many bubbles by the diffuser. The bubbles create a larger contact surface enabling the CO2 to dissolve quickly in the aquarium water.
The bubble counter visually controls the dosing of the CO2. As a rough rule of thumb: approx. 20 mg CO2 per litre. This corresponds to about 10 bubbles per minute per 100 litres of water.

EHEIM CO2-diffuser 400
for small and medium aquariums up to 400 l
Small, effective device with an integrated bubble counter and non-return valve.  Easy to connect and attach to the aquarium pane with suction holder.

  • Small, space-saving device
  • Highly efficient diffuser 
  • Bubble counter for visual control of CO2 dosing
  • Non-return valve prevents water returning to the CO2 system
  • Hose protection 
  • Powerful suction holder

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