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    EHEIM CO2 accessories for healthy plant growth in the aquarium.

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Water test (long term test)
In principle, you should always monitor the CO2 content in your aquarium because the pH value of the water is significantly influenced by the addition of CO2. Permanent monitoring should always includes a long-term CO2 test and indicator liquid as well as water test strips for a CO2 fertilizer system.

EHEIM CO2-long term test set
A complete set for constant monitoring of the CO2 content in the aquarium, including a long term test, indicator liquid and 3 test strips for analysis of the initial water values.
The CO2 long-term test is attached to the glass in the aquarium with a suction cup and filled, to the indicated mark, with aquarium water (approx. 1 ml).  Add 4 drops of indicator liquid and wait for the colour to change and then compare the indicator colour to the colour scale.
Depending on the carbonate hardness (dKH) of the water, the scale will show the corresponding pH values.

EHEIM CO2- long term test set

  • EHEIM long term test with suction cup
  • Indicator liquid - 10 ml for approx. 90 applications
  • 3 x 5 multi water test strips for analysis of the initial water values and determination of the carbonate hardness (dKH) important for CO2 fertilisation. 
  • High quality
  • Made in Germany

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