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    EHEIM CO2 accessories for healthy plant growth in the aquarium.

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  • EHEIM CO2 Flasche 2000g, Mehrweg

CO2 storage bottles
It is advisable to always have a spare CO2 bottle in reserve so that you can simply exchange the empty bottle for a full one. This is a simple procedure with no tools required

EHEIM reusable 2000g CO2 bottle
Refillable bottle for the complete EHEIM CO2 SET 600 fertiliser system – suitable for aquariums up to 600 ltrs. CO2 bottle with safety guard (pressure and valve protection) and handle. 250 bar TÜV-tested.
Height: 455 mm (with safety guard), diameter: 120 mm

The CO2 reusable bottle is made of high-quality steel and complies with all German and European safety regulations.
The empty CO2 bottle can be refilled by your (approved) specialist dealer or an appropriate CO2 refilling station.