• Mini - small with big results

    EHEIM skim marine 300 Mini – the skimmer for marine water aquari-ums up to 300 litres.  Adjustable, with needle wheel impeller technolo-gy, an independent air intake and much more…

With the EHEIM Mini you have a skimmer with outstanding technology and first class user friendliness

The EHEIM skim marine 300 Mini may be small but it delivers the same results as a large protein skimmer.
The skimmer is powered by a highly efficient needle wheel pump (impeller) and has an adjustable air intake which sucks in air independently and de-termines the skim rate. It is easy to attach the skimmer to the aquarium glass using the magnetic holder.

Advantages of the EHEIM skim marine 300 Mini

•    For marine water aquariums up to 300 liters
•    Skimming pump with highly efficient needle wheel technology
•    Independent air intake (Dispergator principle)
•    Adjustable air intake
•    Extremely quiet
•    Low energy consumption
•    High skim performance
•    Can be fixed in the aquarium
•    Easy installation with magnetic holder
•    Can be completely disassembled for cleaning   
•    Compact design
•    High quality with 3 years warranty


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