• Terraristic accessories

    EHEIM offers several accessories for terrariums. There is sand for terrariums as well as cork-backgrounds and a sprayer.

  • EHEIM Thermo-Hygrometer


Combination of a digital thermometer and a hygrometer for precise monitoring of temperature and air humidity in the terrarium.

  • Open the battery compartment and insert the battery
  • Clip in the thermo-hygrometer into the clamping bracket and fix it to the desired location in the terrarium by means of the suction cup
  • Measuring range humidity: 10 % reILF – 99 % reILF
  • Precision humidity: +/- 5%
  • Measuring range temperature: - 50° C – 70 °C
  • Precision temperature: +/- 1 °C

Caution: Do not install it in direct environment of heat and humidification sources. Do not spray.